Downtown MainStreet

The mission of the Downtown ABQ MainStreet Initiative is to foster downtown Albuquerque as a vibrant and attractive place to visit, work, shop, eat, walk, bicycle, and live. Check out our website!

A revitalized and vibrant downtown is a symbol of community economic health, local quality of life, pride, and community identity. The purpose of the Downtown ABQ MainStreet Initiative is to promote and support downtown’s economic, social and creative vitality including its image and appearance. MainStreet uses a four-point approach to attain its mission and goals:

Organization. Working with public and private sectors to provide effective on going outreach and advocacy for downtown.
Design. Shaping the physical image of downtown as a safe, attractive and place for businesses, residents, and visitors through the creation of a vibrant, pedestrian friendly district.
Promotion. Cultivating downtown’s positive image through outreach, marketing and event collaboration.
Economic Positioning. Strengthening downtown’s economic environment by engaging and fostering businesses and the residential development needed to support them.

Stay tuned for more project updates and information. To learn more on New Mexico MainStreet Communities, visit their website. As part of its mission, the Downtown ABQ MainStreet Initiative also manages the downtown Arts & Cultural District.