Where We’re Going

We’ve been busy this year. From street trees to expanding our pop-up retail initiative, 2013 was a hallmark year for the BID, and 2014 is shaping up to follow suite. Here’s a summary of what’s happening around the office; scroll down for some more details on cool projects!

  •  The establishment of an ongoing, year-round growers’ market in Downtown
  • Procure new businesses and promote new, engaging and creative retail space with our pop-up initiative
  • Infill dead or missing street trees through a grant by Keep Albuquerque Beautiful
  • Encourage artistic and community-centric projects, like the fence at the Alvarado Urban Farm
  • Manage the Downtown Growers’ Market
  • Coordinate volunteer programs that tie into our larger community projects
  • Work with the USDA on a habitat project at the Alvarado Urban Farm
  • A New Mexico True marketing campaign and video to encourage Downtown tourism

Street Trees
DAT Trees 016Courtesy of a $1,500 Keep Albuquerque Beautiful grant and additionally funded with a 60 percent match from Plant World, the Downtown Action Team replaced 15 dead, missing or dying trees on Central Avenue and the Gold Street Corridor this coming summer. DAT is working with the Parks and Recreation Department to coordinate tree removal and replanting. Volunteers are assisting with the replanting effort, and trees not irrigated by the City will be managed and watered by the Downtown Action Team. Our goal is to create a Downtown tree map to maintain a long-term tree planting strategy. We have received another grant for 2014 and will be planting street trees in the spring.

In addition to providing shade from the sun and offering a welcoming environment for pedestrians, street trees add to property value and encourage a sense of ownership and safety. Street trees also:

  • Reduce emissions, smog, and green house gasses
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce the urban heat island effect
  • Abate noise
  • Increase psychological well being
  • Improve aesthetics & provide a sense of community
  • Provide an area for wildlife habitat and bird nesting
  • Assist in storm water attenuation
  • Enhance the pedestrian environment

Pop-Up Retail
Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 8.54.10 AMWe launched our Pop-Up Initiative in the Summer of 2013, and have since hosted nearly a dozen pop-up shops to local artists, crafters, businesses, and entrepreneurs. We have activated a storefront that has been empty for years with energy, art, products, & people; increased pedestrianization; and helped spur the local Downtown economy. Our program is still running strong due to your interest, your hard work, your enthusiasm, and your support! Help us continue to deliver exciting & innovative pop-up shops to Downtown Albuquerque. Shop local!

Do you have an exciting idea, product, or brand you want to test? Do you have an established business and want to test a new downtown location? Grow your business and transform Downtown’s storefront vacancies into vibrant and exciting retail adventures. Pop-ups:

  • Use a temporary vacant storefront from 1 week to 1 month as a place for online, local entrepreneurs to host a bricks-and-mortar shop
  • Utilize an economic alternative to full-scale retail set-up
  • Generate a marketing buzz
  • Test new brands, products, concepts, and markets
  • Gain valuable consumer feedback and insights with relatively little investment (without a long term lease)
  • Move/unload inventory
  • Target a niche audience
  • Aggressively market merchandise around a finite period of time, season, or holiday
  • Tap marketing support by DAT and its alliance of Downtown partners

Submit a one page application with your idea (project, brand, product and photos) and if selected, we’ll help match you with a great, rent-free retail or gallery space. This project is on-going and evolving. Follow us @PopUpABQ for frequent updates, shop openings, and more. View our Standards Package for floor plans, display requirements, and more.

Downtown Grocery Store
The Downtown Action Team has been instrumental in bringing a mixed-use grocery, retail, and residential facility, slated for completion the Autumn of 2014. The property will be a four story mixed use development consisting of 63,824 square feet located along Silver Avenue between 2nd and 3rd streets in Downtown Albuquerque. 205 Silver Avenue will be home to the only grocery store in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque.

Property features:
A mix of studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom flats, plus several two story two bedroom/two bathroom loft apartments for a total of 61 rental units promoting high urban density housing featuring several unit configurations. 21,840 square feet of prime retail space with 16’ tall ceiling heights to maximize day lighting of the interior space and reduce HVAC cooling loads. The building has two single story wings to accommodate the installation of the ventilation equipment required for restaurant kitchens. Stay tuned for more grocery and retail updates!

Alvarado Urban Farm & Veteran’s Project 
PNM 3The Alvarado Urban Farm is a collaborative effort to build a hub for Albuquerque’s local food system that involves production, distribution, educate, and waste reduction. Working with multiple partner organizations and volunteers, the Historic District Improvement Company (HDIC) and the Downtown Action Team are committed to creating a fully functional farm in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque. The five goals of the Farm are to Grow, Nourish, Buy, Play, and Learn. (Read the case statement here.)

We are also proud to partner with the Veteran Farm Project and Amy Biehl High School for community farm programs. The Veteran Farm Project provides veterans short workshops on sustainable farming practices and hands-on gardening and farming experience. The VFP provides the initial training for veterans to start of work at sustainable agriculture businesses. In addition to on-going workshops, the VFP grows produce at the Alvarado Urban Farm year round. All produce gets sold at a stand at the VA Farmers’ Market once a week over the summer, feeds project participants, and fills CSA boxes for low-income families in Albuquerque. All veterans, active service, and National Guard are welcome and encouraged to participate in the program. The VA van offers rides to both the classes and garden site from the Albuquerque VA campus. For more information on joining the program, contact Robin Seydel at 505 217 2027 or toll free at 877 775 2667, or email her at robins@lamontanita.coop. You can also contact Jon Shields at the VA at 505 256 6499 or email john.shields2@va.gov.

tART FINALtART: temporary art in downtown public places is a Downtown Action Team & MainStreet initiative, in collaboration with ArtsCrawl, to bring temporary art to underutilized sites throughout the Downtown area. The purpose of the project is threefold: to provide year-round support of artists, existing art programs and events; promote a regular art activity which gives people a reason to linger downtown; and activate underutilized spaces and places that could benefit from increased visitation. Interested artists and parties can review our Call for Artists. We appreciate your submission.